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Residents and victims of personal injury auto, construction, pedestrian, trucking, bicycle, nursing home negligence, slip and falls and other types of accidents can benefit from the legal services of our team of professionals at Akiva Niamehr LLP. We have experience obtaining significant compensation and high settlements for our clients, whether your injuries include minor soft tissue injuries or debilitating physical injury like spinal cord damage, requiring extensive surgeries and/or medical treatment.

Our team of attorneys is highly qualified. Our litigators are aggressive. Our case managers ensure our clients obtain the necessary medical treatment to recover from such injuries in a timely and healthy manner. We assist in coordinating doctor’s appointments, transportation, and everything from A to Z. Our attorneys are educated, trained and diligent- finding loopholes, arguments and identifying the strengths and weaknesses in your case early on in anticipation of the insurance company’s arguments.

Many of our clients have sustained severe injuries like burn injuries or amputations and broken bones or fractures as a result of another's negligence, gross negligence or recklessness like driving under the influence. In any event, and no matter the circumstance giving rise to your legal claim or case, Akiva Niamehr is here to help you recover and obtain the justice you deserve. This includes both medical treatment, loss of earnings or income, and monetary compensation for your pain and suffering.

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