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Our law firm and the team of personal injury attorneys are available and easily accessible to residents of Long Beach, California. Victims of automobile accidents, dog bite attacks, pedestrian accidents, construction accidents and wrongful death cases can be compensated for their pain and suffering, injuries and medical treatment with proper legal representation.

Akiva Niamehr LLP consists of a team of highly educated, qualified and professional lawyers who are both top-notch negotiators and litigators. With our practical approach to your case, we are upfront about all the details, possibilities, likelihoods and potential recoveries against the defendant or wrongdoing third-party. The only element that must exist with substantial proof or evidence is that the liability or fault is with the other party- in that they were negligent- and caused you injury or bodily harm.

In legal terms, negligence means an act or inaction by another caused you direct and provable harm and/or injury for which you are entitled to legal compensation under the law. We would like to help you and can do so as soon as possible. We also emphasize the importance of your recovery from any injuries you sustained as a result of a personal injury accident. Contact our practice located in Los Angeles, California today to discuss your case and your injuries.

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