Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Injury to the brain, spinal cord, or spine including fractures of the skull and/or spine are considered a catastrophic bodily injury.

Catastrophic Injuries

Common causes of such severe and debilitating catastrophic accidents include accidents at work, construction accidents, truck or motor vehicle accidents, sports accidents, and defective medical devices or body implants. For example, a construction worker who falls from dangerous heights because an area is unprotected due to an employer's negligence may qualify for legal representation.

Not only can brain injuries and spinal cord injuries result from these types of car accidents. Limb loss, burn injuries and paralyzation can also result. Should you or a loved one suffer from a catastrophic injury or accident and sustain bodily injury, be sure to contact the legal team at Akiva Niamehr LLP for assistance in recovering economic compensation and justice for your injuries.

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