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Nearly 2 million Americans experience a traumatic brain injury, sometimes referred to as a TBI, each year. Approximately 52,000 traumatic brain injury cases result in death, and many thousands more result in some level of permanent impairment.

Brain injuries are often the result of the negligent or reckless behavior by a third party, including vehicle accidents, construction accidents, and falls. Various types of brain injuries can also be caused by medical negligence or defective or toxic products.

Brain Injuries

Types of Traumatic Brain Injuries:

The law allows victims of brain injuries to receive compensation for the following types of injuries when they are caused by the actions of a negligent third party:

Diffuse Axonal Injury

A diffuse axonal injury occurs when rotational forces cause the brain to impact against the rigid skull, which causes the nerve tissue and structures of the brain to tear.


Concussions are the most common form of traumatic brain injuries and are caused by violent shaking or blows to the head.


A contusion is essentially a bruise on the brain that is caused by an impact to the head.

Coup-Contrecoup Injuries

This type of TBI occurs when an impact to the head causes a contusion at the site of the impact as well as on the opposite side of the brain where it was slammed into the skull following the initial impact.

Second Impact Injuries

Second impact injuries occur when an individual receives a second head injury before the first injury has had a chance to completely heal.

Regardless of the type of injury, prompt medical attention is required to repair the damage and limit the potential for complications and permanent disability. Diagnosing and treating head injuries typically requires expensive tests, medical procedures, and rehabilitation to help the victim regain as much function as possible. Depending on the severity of the injury and the area of the brain involved, it is possible that the individual may never be able to work or function independently again. In these instances, accident victims normally turn to the courts to seek compensation for their short and long-term damages.

Click here to learn about the types of accidents that typically cause brain injuries. Such accidents include slip and falls and automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents.

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