How Dog Bite Attack Victims Can Navigate Their Legal Claim

You might want to believe that your lovable little pooch could never harm another soul, but dog bite incidents are fairly common. They are particularly common at dog parks themselves when there are a lot of other dynamics at play such as other dogs and people. Anyone who lives in Los Angeles, California and wants to keep themselves protected needs to have an attorney working by their side to get them through these tough situations.

Our team of Beverly Hills personal injury attorneys attempt to find the dogowner if they are unable to be located or are avoiding the victim to avoid legal liability and a negative judgment against them. Sometimes the dog owner lives on the same premises as the victim of the dog bite. In such a case, renter’s insurance may apply. In other situations, the landlord’s insurance may provide some coverage where renter’s insurance is lacking and if for example, the dog bite occurred in common areas of the property.   At Akiva Niamehr LLP, our dog bite attorneys knows what to do, what our client needs to do in terms of medical treatment, and how to pursue the dog owner in such a case.

There are certain factors that a court will consider when reviewing a dog bite case. A few of those factors are as follows:

  • The Breed And Nature/Propensity Of The Dog and Whether it is “Dangerous”
  • The Age And Size Of The Victim
  • A History OF Biting Issues In The Past

These are just a few of the things that go into a court’s decision on how much liability a defendant has in a dog bite case. The courts are sensible enough to weigh out all of the factors revolving around the case before making a judgement. Having a good attorney in one’s corner can help to ensure that all of the appropriate factors are considered in your favor, if you or a loved one was injured in a dog bite accident. There is always room for more understanding if one has a good attorney. Contact our team of professionals here to assist you with your bodily injury and your legal case.