Understanding Your Rights After A Construction Accident

Construction projects are ongoing all across America, especially in major states like California and New York. There is constant building and repairing in this day and age. Thus, it is, unfortunately, possible and likely for an individual to be injured at a construction site by accident, either as a construction worker or as a passerby.

Beverly Hills, California is one area that is booming with new projects at the moment. It is important to be completely aware of your surroundings when you happen to be traveling on a construction job site. If you or a loved one was injured in a construction accident due to someone’s negligence, Los Angeles personal injury attorneys from Akiva Niamehr LLP can help you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a construction worker yourself or just someone who happened to pass by but were injured as a result of a dangerous condition on the premises. If there is an accident on a construction site, you have the legal right to bring a lawsuit against the company that is operating that site. You will want to do this not only to obtain compensation for your own physical injuries but to also prevent it from happening again in the future.

A construction site that has not taken proper safety precautions definitely fits the bill as the kind of place that you will want to inform others about. The danger is simply too much to ignore. Make sure a lawyer is sought out as soon as possible after an accident occurs. The lawyer will need to collect as much evidence as possible to make the case. The sooner one of our personal injury attorneys is contacted, the sooner you can obtain appropriate medical treatment and strengthen your legal claim against the liable party.

Contact our team of construction accident attorneys to discuss your case and determine the next steps you should take.

Construction Accidents and OSHA violations

Construction accidents are increasingly common in California with the hustle and bustle of growing buildings and businesses all over Los Angeles and beyond. Frequently, construction accidents occur and an employee at a construction site is injured as a result. The injuries can range from minor to severe and life-long. When an employee or construction worker is injured on site either through the negligence of the employer through some oversight, the construction worker can pursue a legal claim for negligence.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration legal violations can give rise to a claim for negligence under certain circumstances. To learn more about the implications of your legal claim, contact our legal team at Akiva Niamehr LLP. Our aggressive litigators will pursue and advocate your case and try to obtain you justice and the compensation you deserve.