Bird, Uber and Electric Scooters: The New Day and Age of Transportation and Liability

With Bird electric scooters and the new Uber scooters one can easily rent for the day or hour that are so conveniently found on the sidewalk or any random place creates new liability and causes for concern. Just as ride-sharing applications like Lyft and Uber created a tidal wave of liability for drivers of automobiles and Uber/Lyft, electric scooters are the new hot commodity.

Young teenagers and children can easily hop on and hop off an electric scooter, cross a busy intersection or speed through a stop sign. Accidents can and do occur. If you or a loved one was riding an electric scooter and was involved in a personal injury accident or crash that was not your fault, you can pursue a legal claim against the wrongdoing or negligent third party. If you were injured in the accident both physically and mentally, you are entitled to a legal claim for your medical treatment, pain and suffering and loss of income or wages. If serious injury resulted that permanently changed your life, your spouse may have a loss of consortium claim in connection with your case.

At Akiva Niamehr LLP- we have done it all and seen it all. Contact our legal team today to discuss your case. The sooner you call us, the sooner we can begin to work on your case- begin your medical recovery and get treatment, obtain facts, police reports and speak to witnesses, and much much more.

What our Personal Injury Team Does at Akiva Niamehr LLP

If you were involved in a car accident, slip and fall, pedestrian accident, construction accident, electric scooter accident or any other type of injury causing crash or circumstance that was not your fault, contact our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Akiva Niamehr LLP.  To find out the full extent of personal injury claims we work on and the types of cases we litigate, you can click here. If you sustained any injuries ranging from a broken hip to a fracture, amputation, brain injury, suffer seizures, epilepsy or have any other life-changing conditions that you must now live with for the rest of your life and your family’s life, please call us today. We want to help.

How We Operate

From our case managers who help schedule your doctor’s appointments and help guide your medical recovery to our attorneys who negotiate your case with the insurance company before litigation, we are a one-stop shop. Our lien negotiators will resolve your medical bills before your case is closed so you do not have to worry about paying off any bills or having enough money to cover everything and still walk away from your legal case with money in your pocket.

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Was your Child Injured in a School Bus Accident?

If your child was injured as a passenger on a school bus in an automobile accident, you likely have a legal claim against the liable driver. Depending on the nature of the accident, the facts of what occurred, who was responsible for causing the accident, and the nature and extent of your child’s body injuries affect the value of your case.

At Akiva Niamehr LLP, our team of aggressive personal injury litigators has seen it all. From minor burn injuries to deadly brain injuries, paralysis, paraplegia, broken bones, amputations, fractures, we have represented thousands of clients who have faced a traumatic life-changing experience and have to live with the ongoing pain and suffering. We are here to help.

If your daughter or son was involved and injured in a bus accident or other personal injury accident, contact Akiva Niamehr LLP today to speak to a bus accident attorney. We can help your child and your family recover from the tragedy and obtain medical treatment while we pursue everything from A to Z regarding your case.

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Understanding Your Rights After A Construction Accident

Construction projects are ongoing all across America, especially in major states like California and New York. There is constant building and repairing in this day and age. Thus, it is, unfortunately, possible and likely for an individual to be injured at a construction site by accident, either as a construction worker or as a passerby.

Beverly Hills, California is one area that is booming with new projects at the moment. It is important to be completely aware of your surroundings when you happen to be traveling on a construction job site. If you or a loved one was injured in a construction accident due to someone’s negligence, Los Angeles personal injury attorneys from Akiva Niamehr LLP can help you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a construction worker yourself or just someone who happened to pass by but were injured as a result of a dangerous condition on the premises. If there is an accident on a construction site, you have the legal right to bring a lawsuit against the company that is operating that site. You will want to do this not only to obtain compensation for your own physical injuries but to also prevent it from happening again in the future.

A construction site that has not taken proper safety precautions definitely fits the bill as the kind of place that you will want to inform others about. The danger is simply too much to ignore. Make sure a lawyer is sought out as soon as possible after an accident occurs. The lawyer will need to collect as much evidence as possible to make the case. The sooner one of our personal injury attorneys is contacted, the sooner you can obtain appropriate medical treatment and strengthen your legal claim against the liable party.

Contact our team of construction accident attorneys to discuss your case and determine the next steps you should take.

Burn Injuries and How They Influence Your Life Permanently

Getting injured by a burn is something that can literally last a lifetime. It is intensely painful, and the victims of burns may even have to deal with pain for the rest of their life as a result. In fact, certain burn injuries can cause a person to have their life shortened as a result. Depending on the nature and extent of the burn, ranging all the way from first-degree burns to sixth-degree burn injuries, can definitely influence your mobility and recovery. This is why those who have been burned through no fault of their own ought to seek out a burn injury attorney at Akiva Niamehr LLP as soon as possible to help both with your medical treatment and your legal claim.

Factors Considered when Monetary Damages are Determined

Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Akiva Niamehr LLP will consider several factors when evaluating and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your legal case. Doing so will enable them to roughly estimate and determine how much compensation an individual suffering from burn injuries may be able to recover from the insurance company for their bodily injury, physical harm, medical treatment, lost income and pain and suffering.

It is going to hinge on these types of factors:

  • Duty Owed- There is some chance that an individual may be burned by a piece of equipment. If that does happen, then they may be able to go after the manufacturer of the equipment for liability for the accident as well.
  • Direct Cause- Was the accident the direct reason why the client ended up with burns or was it just a contributing factor? This is something that is going to weigh heavily in the courtroom.
  • Severity Of The Injury- The amount of damage done to one’s body in general. It is fair to say that the more severe the burn injury, the more likely a jury is to award compensation, and perhaps even a lot of it. For example, a third, fourth, fifth or sixth-degree burn mean significant injury occurred and elevate the bodily injury portion of the case to a higher level. Where recklessness is involved, litigation may not even be necessary because negligence may be assumed by the insurance company adjuster. The outcome of your settlement really depends on the facts of your case which is why retaining a capable burn accident injury attorney from Akiva Niamehr LLP will help you get your life back on track.

All of these factors may be reviewed with an attorney to determine the validity of each and how much they may weigh on a case. The attorney may not be able to tell the client the exact amount that they will be compensated by a jury, but when all things are taken into account and consideration, the client will have a good idea of what he or she stands to recover in a settlement.

Children In Bus Accidents: More Common Than You Think

Did you know that there are an estimated 26,000 school bus accidents in the United States per year? That is a staggering statistic that should worry any parent who sends their child to school on a bus. There have been many times in which one of our Beverly Hills personal injury attorneys at Akiva Niamehr LLP has had to take on a case like this due to a child being injured in one of those accidents. Depending on the extent of the physical injury to the child, these cases are rigorously litigated and fought by our team of professionals.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Akiva Niamehr LLP has a team of expert bus accident attorneys standing by to help anyone who may find themselves facing this horrible situation and not knowing what steps to take. An attorney is key in these situations because he or she can take care of your legal claim from A to Z while scheduling and assisting the appropriate medical treatment for your loved one. In times of tragedy, assistance is useful to for those struggling with the fact that their child has been injured and may require extensive medical treatment for their condition.

Although school buses are considered to be one of the safest methods of transportation for children, the reality of your child being harmed in a bus can change your whole world in a split second. Many parents feel even worse if their child is injured this way because they weren’t there to protect them. We all expect the bus drivers to keep our children safe, but unfortunately, events play out in a way that is unforeseen and unexpected. Sometimes, children can even be injured by a school bus as a pedestrian crossing the street.

It is critical that anyone who has a child who is harmed in a bus accident pays special attention to documenting the child’s progress when it comes to their injuries and how they are progressing from them. Medical treatment is essential. Legal assistance is also a must.  The attorney can track and monitor the treatments, procedures and all other information necessary to make your claim against the liable party. This information will be critically important for the insurance companies that get involved.

Another step that all must take is to file a claim with their insurance as soon as they realize that their child has been injured. The sooner that this happens, the sooner the investigation of responsibility can begin and the sooner one can begin to get the justice that they deserve for what has happened to their child.

Contact our team of specialists and get in touch with one of our bus accident litigators at Akiva Niamehr LLP today.

Important Documents to Obtain After A Beverly Hills, California Auto Accident

There is a particular document that most people forget when they are involved in an auto accident in Beverly Hills, California. The document is not what you may be thinking of. You see, most people remember to bring some documentation or information when they speak with a car accident attorney. They will remember something like the police report, but they often forget the declaration page that is on their own insurance policy indicating their own policy’s limits and available coverage.

What Is This Declaration Page of an Insurance Policy?

It is a single sheet of paper that can impact the outcome of your lawsuit should you try to pursue one. It has plenty of information for those who know what they are looking at. It is essentially a summary of all of the coverage that you have in your car insurance policy, including property damage, Medical Payments, collision, comprehensive and more. That is important because having some coverage or not can really tilt your case one way or the other in the state of California.

Of course, your attorney once retained will have access and be in most communications with both your own insurance company and the defendant or the at-fault third-party’s insurance company. If you have a copy of your insurance policy at home, you may be able to identify and locate the Declaration page of the policy. You can then take it to your attorney should you meet with them or have a consultation. Our team of car and motorcycle accident lawyers at Akiva Niamehr LLP can obtain a copy of your Declaration page from your own insurance company once retained as your attorney of record. This will allow us to see what coverage is available to you, and advise you regarding the medical treatment you should obtain. This is especially important when the other person involved in the accident is uninsured.

Understanding How Much You Could Potentially Win

Insurance coverage is important in determining how much you could potentially win if your claim or lawsuit is successful. It is also a critical factor in the team’s determination of how much medical treatment should be received. Most attorneys are going to go after the maximum that the other driver’s insurance has them covered for. Your own insurance policy information is important to bring along with you as well, but the other driver’s insurance is critical as well. Your attorney will gather all necessary information from the insurance companies, the DMV, the Police Department, witnesses and anything else they deem necessary to strengthen your claim and case.

Contact our team of established personal injury attorneys for your car accident today and get the legal help you need.

A Discussion About Uninsured Drivers and Medical Payment Insurance Coverage

Many times, you will be driving on a road, freeway or highway and will either be witness to or victim to a car. motorcycle, truck, bicycle or pedestrian accident. Many times one or both vehicles contain injured drivers or passengers. Other times, one or both of the drivers may be uninsured. The question is, what do you do when this happens?

Pursuing An Uninsured Driver

Personal injury litigators would like the public to know that they should not throw their hands up in the air and give up if they happen to be struck by an uninsured driver in a motor vehicle or car accident. The myth is that no one can get any money from an uninsured driver, but Los Angeles personal injury attorneys would like to challenge those claims. They are sometimes able to win money for their clients who were struck by an uninsured motorist.

In the event it is not possible to collect from the uninsured driver’s personal assets, it may be worth pursuing with your own insurance company to obtain the benefits you are entitled to, especially if medical treatment was involved due to bodily injury and harm. This would be covered under your own insurance policy’s Medical Payments Coverage, a clause entitling you to reimbursement for the cost of your medical treatment. However, Medpay is reimbursable, if you do recover or settle with the opposing party’s insurance company. In that case, your own insurance will ask for you to reimburse the Medpay benefits you received. Sometimes, with a good attorney, you can get your own insurance company to waive their reimbursement requirement. All you need is an excellent Akiva Niamehr LLP attorney on your side.

Personal Injury Lawyers who Fight For You

One of the frustrating things about dealing with insurance companies in these situations is that they frequently do not cover everything that is involved in an uninsured motorist accident. They want to cover just the property damage that can be seen on the vehicle for example. What this means is that they try to wiggle out of having to pay for things such as pain and suffering and other intangible monetary damages to which you may be entitled. These are real things that need to be compensated for as well. In order to make the most out of a bad situation, all drivers are encouraged to seek out the professional help of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at Akiva Niamehr LLP. It is the only way to ensure you are receiving justice for the harm that occurred to you or a loved one while obtaining fair and appropriate compensation for your bodily injury, medical treatment, lost wages and pain and suffering. When spouses are involved, a loss of consortium claim may also be presented to the insurance company adjuster.

How Dog Bite Attack Victims Can Navigate Their Legal Claim

You might want to believe that your lovable little pooch could never harm another soul, but dog bite incidents are fairly common. They are particularly common at dog parks themselves when there are a lot of other dynamics at play such as other dogs and people. Anyone who lives in Los Angeles, California and wants to keep themselves protected needs to have an attorney working by their side to get them through these tough situations.

Our team of Beverly Hills personal injury attorneys attempt to find the dogowner if they are unable to be located or are avoiding the victim to avoid legal liability and a negative judgment against them. Sometimes the dog owner lives on the same premises as the victim of the dog bite. In such a case, renter’s insurance may apply. In other situations, the landlord’s insurance may provide some coverage where renter’s insurance is lacking and if for example, the dog bite occurred in common areas of the property.   At Akiva Niamehr LLP, our dog bite attorneys knows what to do, what our client needs to do in terms of medical treatment, and how to pursue the dog owner in such a case.

There are certain factors that a court will consider when reviewing a dog bite case. A few of those factors are as follows:

  • The Breed And Nature/Propensity Of The Dog and Whether it is “Dangerous”
  • The Age And Size Of The Victim
  • A History OF Biting Issues In The Past

These are just a few of the things that go into a court’s decision on how much liability a defendant has in a dog bite case. The courts are sensible enough to weigh out all of the factors revolving around the case before making a judgement. Having a good attorney in one’s corner can help to ensure that all of the appropriate factors are considered in your favor, if you or a loved one was injured in a dog bite accident. There is always room for more understanding if one has a good attorney. Contact our team of professionals here to assist you with your bodily injury and your legal case.

How Does Negligence Work In A Court Of Law?

There is a lay person’s definition of the word negligence, and then there is the definition of this action as it relates to what holds up in court. Personal injury lawyers frequently investigate if the incident that is being described to them by a potential client seems to fit into the category of someone who has literally committed negligence or not. Car accident lawyers will not proceed with a case in California if they do not think that it will reach the legal definition of negligence at the very least. Aggravated forms of negligence that will definitely be less difficult to prove in court include recklessness such as felony drunk driving.

What Is Negligence?

In a strict sense this means that the offending party did not act with the necessary care to perform the action that they were taking at a necessary time and as a result, someone ended up getting hurt.  Negligence can be present in dog bite attacks, premises liability cases, drunk driver accidents, pedestrian accidents, car accidents, construction accidents, burn injuries  and more. In a car accident scenario, this can mean that they were doing something such as talking or texting on their cell phone while driving or failing to act as a reasonable person would under the circumstances. An automatic or inferred assumption of negligence, called negligence per se,  is arrived at when a California Vehicle Code Section is violated. This is why police reports also become a critical factor in a negligence or recklessness determination. For instance, if the officer cited the other party for driving at an unsafe speed which is California Vehicle Code section 22350, then an inference of negligence already exists. In more serious accidents that involve a car getting totaled, a person being taken to the hospital for serious injuries, negligence is somewhat easier to prove when one looks at the property damages and bodily injury that resulted, especially where more than one person was injured.

Since many different scenarios can occur and do occur, it is best to contact one our fine car accident litigators at Akiva Niamehr LLP to discuss your case.

How is Negligence Proven by Our Car Accident Attorneys at Akiva Niamehr LLP?

Our law firm is going to look at each individual case that comes before it to try to determine if one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can make your claim a successful one. Proving this means showing a number of elements to the court.

One has to show that the other driver had a duty of care that they were expected to uphold. They must also prove that the offending individual breached that legal duty that was placed in them when they acted in a certain manner or failed to take certain actions. Finally, it must be shown that the negligence was what caused the accident and injuries as a result. These are all high bars to get over, but that is why it is just so important to have a talented attorney who has succeeded on such claims for his clients. Click here to learn about the track record of our attorneys at Akiva Niamehr LLP on a wide array of legal cases including motorcycle accidents, premises liability cases, automobile accidents and more.