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At Akiva Niamehr LLP, located in Los Angeles, we strive to offer our clients the highest quality service with our knowledgeable team of experienced personal injury attorneys. Our office and team handles everything from the initiation of your case against a liable defendant until your case has settled. We pursue high settlements on behalf of our clients as well as fair and just recoveries to compensate them for their past and future medical expenses, loss of earnings, and pain and suffering. In wrongful death cases, we also present a loss of consortium claim where warranted.

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At Akiva Niamehr, we pursue high settlements and recoveries for our clients who were victim to a personal injury accident that resulted from another person or company's negligence, wrongdoing, or failure to act as a reasonable person would under like circumstances. Our track record is impeccable. Our settlements are high. To date, we have recovered in excess of $100,000,000 dollars for our clients.

  • $5.1 MILLION

    Automobile vs. Truck

  • $1.375 MILLION

    Auto vs. Auto

  • $2.5 MILLION

    Auto vs. Auto

  • $1 MILLION

    Truck vs. Motorcycle

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At Akiva Niamehr LLP, our team of attorneys include experienced litigators at the forefront of your legal case in trial or in the courtroom to seasoned lawyers who specialize in negotiating and dealing first hand with insurance companies to leverage a successful settlement for our clients prior to trial.

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Michael Akiva

Michael Akiva Founding Partner

Founder and partner Michael Akiva is a graduate of UCLA School of Law.

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Jubin Niamehr

Jubin Niamehr Founding Partner

Managing partner and co-founder Jubin Niamehr attended the prestigious NYU School of Law.

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Our team consists of lawyers, case managers and team members who make the prosecution of a claim, case or lawsuit successful in the courtroom and beyond. The attorneys at Akiva Niamehr LLP have successfuly prosecuted and collected over $100 million dollars for our clients. This includes claims and cases settled without ever filing a lawsuit or going to court.


We have the skills and resources to litigate cases throughout the country.


We make ourselves available to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


We’ve recovered millions of dollars for victims and their families.

Los Angeles

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Are Located in Los Angeles But Handle Cases Throughout Southern California

From the get-go, our team of professionals at Akiva Niamehr provide our clients with the information and medical guidance necessary to promote and achieve recovery from injuries that were sustained in a personal injury accident which was caused by another's negligence. Our first goal is to help our clients recover from their injuries. We achieve this by assisting in finding doctors and providers that are best suited and accessible to our clients, to provide medical treatment on their path to healing. After this step is completed, our team of attorneys review and prepare all medical documentation to be included in your claim against a defendant or his or her insurance company. The handling attorney works to manage, maintain and do all the necessary legal work for your case to be successful. Your handling attorney will be in contact with you to inform you of all new developments as your claim is being pursued.

As personal injury litigators, we strive to obtain fair compensation for our clients and go above and beyond their expectations. Such recoveries often times include loss of earning or wages, compensation for medical treatments both past and future, loss of consortium and other financial expenses or costs incurred as a result of an accident or personal injury incident. During our handling of your legal case, we strive to ensure your medical expenses are repaid from your total settlement so you owe nothing at your case's closure.

Personal injury is a field of law that consists of accidents and incidents caused primarily by a defendant's negligence. This would include a slip and fall accident, an owner of a dangerous dog who bites a victim and causes injury, a construction property where an area is unsecure or unsafe for a worker (for example an open skylight), defective medical devices and much more. Car accidents, pedestrian accidents, drunk driving or driving under the influence are all under the niche of personal injury accidents as well.

Our clients often face severe life-altering injuries including burn injuries, orthopedic injuries, brain injuries and catastrophic injuries including paralyzation. Unfortunately, some of our clients may need surgery in connection with a laceration injury, broken bone or amputation to recover from an injury or accident.